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It is possible to Sing in Tune!

You can learn how to create a voice you LOVE.

Hi! Do you want to sing with a powerful, beautiful voice that stays on pitch?

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Here’s the secret:

No more wasted time. No more frustration.
No more being told that "you're not trying hard enough",
when your voice and body won't cooperate.

Your Body is Your Instrument.


​I took old-fashioned classical lecture-based voice lessons that were expensive, but not very helpful.


I have touched many hearts, won multiple honors, and performed around the world.

The difference?

I found this secret to overcoming my biggest challenge: when you speak or sing, your body is your instrument.

​And, just like a real instrument, it sounds GREAT if you know how to take care of it - through yoga, body awareness, emotional connection, vocal health, and ear care.

From the Introduction...

Has anyone ever tried to insult you by saying things like "Go back to singing in the shower”, “You're more tone-deaf than a bump on a log” or “I should pay you NOT to sing”?

Words like this can really hurt, but are you going to let some mean comments get in the way of your dreams?

Wouldn't you rather hear sincere compliments like: “You sound good”, “Beautiful singing” or “Holy cow, you knocked my socks off” - and know that you earned them through hard work and persistence?

Did you know that Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey have all overcome issues with their pitch - and gone on to have HUGE success as Grammy-award-winning artists with multiple hit songs?

People who write you and your singing off as being hopeless are just ignorant and stuck in the old days. They must have no idea that there are now new ways to improve your pitch.

Listen to people who do:

“When people say artists are born with talent, you're not. You have to really learn and really practice.”

- Ed Sheeran

“Never believe anyone who says you don’t deserve what you want.”

- Taylor Swift

“I don’t believe in luck… It’s persistence, hard work, and not forgetting your dream.”

- Janet Jackson

“If you believe in yourself and know what you want, you can make it.”

- Mariah Carey

If you have a deep desire to sing on pitch, this Cliff Notes-style hybrid eBook is designed to get you there sooner, rather than later.

Holistic Voice Coaching Really Works.

Want to find out one reason why my nickname is "Karey Poppins" (magic like Mary Poppins)?

Here’s a story that sounds unbelievable, but it’s TRUE.


Today, I want to share with you an incredible story of determination, perseverance, and the power of never giving up on your dreams. It's a story that will remind us all that limitations are merely stepping stones to our ultimate success. Let me introduce you to a man named Bill Harris.

Bill had a lifelong dream. A dream to become a professional singer. He carried this passion within him, a burning desire that refused to be extinguished. But there was one obstacle standing in his way – Bill had a limited voice. Despite his unwavering enthusiasm, he couldn't even sing "Happy Birthday" in tune after 6 voice coaches and 12 long years of trying.

His first voice coach took him to a concert, pointed at a singer, and said “That’s a singer. You will never be a singer.”

Working with me, in just 2 lessons, Bill learned to sing “Happy Birthday" in tune. In less than nine months, Bill achieved another major breakthrough. He got booked for his first professional singing gig with a band.

Can you imagine the overwhelming joy and sense of accomplishment he must have felt at that moment? It was a demonstration of his unwavering commitment and the power of his unshakeable spirit.

But Bill didn't stop there.

​He continued to nurture his talent, hone his skills, and push past the boundaries of what he thought was possible. He had been advised to stick to only singing low notes, yet with my help, he was able to effortlessly sing “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green, which goes up to a C5 - a high tenor C.

And a year later, something truly extraordinary happened. Bill beat my personal record of 5 encores, and received not 6, not 7, but 8 encores in a single night!

Just let that sink in for a moment. A man who couldn't even sing "Happy Birthday" a year ago was now captivating audiences with his soulful voice, leaving them yearning for more. Bill's determination had propelled him from a place of limitation to a stage where he was celebrated and admired for his talent.

He even sang at the legendary Houston House of Blues! AMAZING!

DISCLAIMER: The author makes no guarantees about the results you’ll achieve by reading this book, other than a risk-free 60-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. All results require risk and hard work. The results and client case study presented in this book represent results achieved working directly with the author. Your results may vary when doing these exercises and strategies.

But First…A Disclaimer:

I want to be brutally honest.

Listen. This training is good.

And it's the perfect method to use if you want launch a successful course fast.

However, it's definitely not a “magic bullet” that will get you a result without any work. 

What I’m about to share with you takes effort but has been working great for me and my private clients.

And I believe it can help you too.

With that said, I’m not suggesting that everyone who takes this training is going to achieve the same results.

My results are not typical and I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing, advertising, and online entrepreneurship for 6 years, and have a strong foundation as a result. 

So with that said…


Singing In Tune: Solutions for 25 Pitch Problems is unquestionably the best manual for improving one’s voice that I have ever seen. This book is full of tImagehe most useful information, and Karen has an amazing gift for making the complex absorbable for anyone. Karen’s approach is truly holistic. In my years of singing and coaching, I have found that a multi-disciplinary way of voice coaching is the best method for training and improving the voice. Singing in Tune connects the voice with body, mind, and soul. Singing in Tune has clearly defined and practical tips for proper body alignment, and tips for maintaining a healthy, in-tune, and skilled voice. In addition, the book is peppered with wonderfully inspiring quotes from a wide range of notable figures.  I could not give any higher recommendation for Karen Lyu's book. From beginners to pros, vocalists should be extremely grateful for this valuable resource.”

- Bruce A. Henry, Vocalist/Voice Coach/Composer/Storyteller

Highway to Vocal Pitch Heaven! Karen's book and my way of thinking are 'perfectly in tune'! I am a seasoned, trained vocalist and music teacher. I love Karen's positive mindset, the detailed yet simple-to-understand lessons and exercises. The quotes are so inspiring. For every point made, there is a reason WHY it's important. The book includes links, video clips, personal bits of information from Karen's life, and success stories from her own students. Information about pitch, with and without regard to hearing loss, is offered. AND. SO. MUCH. MORE. There are so many solutions for each vocal issue. This allows for a great deal of unique treatment for each and every student. No one-size solution fits all ... And that's exactly what makes Karen a great voice coach! I thought I knew quite a bit on this subject, but I have gleaned a ton of new information! My only regret is not having this book when I was first learning. Highly recommended!”

- Carol Nicodemi, Vocalist/Songwriter/Music Teacher

"It's like a voice teacher in your pocket. This is a really helpful book if you want to improve your voice for a performance. I plan on performing at open mics and a songwriter's circle. I write songs, but I have some anxiety performing them, and now finally have a chance to do that. There is more at stake when it is your own song, so I occasionally have had pitch problems, in the past. I had voice lessons in high school and college. I have some warm-ups I remember and it is so great to have a resource on my phone that provides link recommendations and great warm-ups and stories as inspiration to keep going when I get frustrated. I have a full-time job and am pursuing other creative projects so having this resource is so valuable. It does not replace having your own voice teacher, but if you have other expenses it works until you can get one. I can also see it working as a great supplement to the voice teacher you already have. Singing in Tune: Solutions for 25 Pitch Problems gives me more confidence to share my songs."

- Naomi Magnus, Voice Student

"Extremely helpful!! I love how easy to read and insightful this is. I am elated because, unlike other easy-to-read books that give you little to no solutions, this book is full of solutions! It’s amazing to find someone that also explains the purpose of each tip! This book is the perfect blend of information and motivation!

- Angela Bravo, Voice Student

"Karen Lyu is a master at helping voice students sing beautifully and on pitch; she has a wealth of knowledge of pitch problems and easy-to-understand solutions to improving your singing on pitch, as demonstrated in Singing in Tune. Many pedagogicaReviewsl texts tend to be overly philosophical and not sufficiently practical. Many texts don’t even directly address the topic of singing in tune, even though it’s one of the most common challenges singers and aspiring singers face. Singing in Tune doesn’t just touch on the topic, but it offers insights and tips on 25 different causes of the problem and what you can do about it. Whether you’re a singer or a voice teacher, Singing in Tune can be a perfect resource to keep accessible on your shelf whenever you feel like you need a 'tune-up.'"

- Brian Witkowski, DMA, Baritone Classical Singer/Speaker/Author/Voice Teacher/
Business Mentor for Artistic and Creative Entrepreneurs

What's Inside?


​Singing in Tune condenses 35 years of vocal pedagogy research, 31 years of experience as a vocalist, and 27 years of experience as a Holistic Voice Coach into 110 solutions total for 25 pitch problems, with 30 inspiring quotes and 50 amazing online resources.

  • 110 Solutions for 25 Pitch Problems

  • 30 Motivational Quotes

  • 50 Amazing Online Resources


​When I was 2 years-old, I would bravely sing for anyone. My Dad was the founder of the first low-income middle school in South Korea then, and my Mom helped him.

But, things changed. We immigrated to the US when I was 4 - and my Mom, who had studied English, became a registered nurse. However, my Dad struggled ~ and actually sold oranges in the street, at one point.

As for me, growing up in California, bullies at school harrassed me for 8 years, saying hateful things to me ~ that I was a poor, ugly, stupid, clumsy, chinky, "4-eyes."

These words cut deep, and they would make me cry.

Also, for 8 years, I auditioned every year, but never got one solo in choir.

At one point, when I had laryngitis, I was helpless while bullies surrounded me and forced me to eat an eraser. I couldn't even cry out.

It was extremely traumatic - and I became obsessed with my voice.

Thankfully, music, books and board games helped me to get through.

But, by 8th grade after 8 failed auditions, I had a meltdown in the cafeteria:

“I will never be a musician! I have NO talent!”

Thank God, my family moved to Texas, where I attended an awesome school with an incredible choir director.

I got my very first solo, and I had to sing in front of 400 people! I remember that I was so anxious, I got up on stage sideways, like a crab. And, I was too scared to look at all 400 people, so I looked at the clock on the wall behind them.

I sang my heart out: “Have yourself a merry, little Christmas,” and EVERYBODY clapped and cheered! It was one of the MOST AMAZING experiences of my life. It completely changed me!

Now, I am a Holistic Voice Coach and I’ve been lucky enough to earn multiple encores and accolades as a performer. And, it’s a joy that I get to help my voice students - and now book readers - to transform their voices, transform their lives, and have similar amazing experiences.


Even If You Have Been Told That You Have NO Talent (Like Me)

- As Long As Follow the Instructions and Have Partial Hearing.

Did you know that in a 2019 study, 70.8% of voice teachers with bachelors degrees - and 82.4% of voice teachers with some graduate school - preferred not to work with a student who has poor pitch?

Why waste your time on methods that don’t work - or old-fashioned voice coaches who are uninformed - and usually just tell you that you are the problem?

Essentially, get over $100,000 worth of education (books, lessons, masterclasses, workshops, conferences, retreats, online courses, certification, 4-year Cornell College music degree, etc.) simplified into an easy-to-read hybrid book - for less than the price of ONE voice lesson.

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this OFFER with you today!

Are you ready to transform your voice and express your soul?

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

* 60-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If your pitch has not improved significantly in 60 days, please send dated videos of yourself singing "Happy Birthday" on the day of buying the ebook and on the day of requesting a refund to [email protected].

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The

"Singing in Tune Ebook"

Get the Only COMPREHENSIVE Book on Singing in Tune available.

Why you need this:

  • 110 Vocal Solutions to Sing in Tune

  • 30 Inspiring Quotes to Keep You Motivated

  • 50 Helpful Online Resources

The valuable online resources include:

  • ​audio MP3s

  • charts

  • product recommendations

  • recommended ear-training YouTube links

  • recommended vocal warm-up YouTube links

  • recommended yoga YouTube links


This is NOT your average book!

Singing in Tune condenses 35 years of vocal pedagogy research, 31 years of experience as a vocalist, and 27 years of experience as a Holistic Voice Coach into a 51 page hybrid ebook that is chock full of resources and simple enough for 4th graders to read.

Once you see what's inside, you'll wonder what in the world you would have done without this valuable resource!

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